Cell Protector Scale Inhibitor Metal Remover

AQUAPRO AQUAGUARD C.S.M. is a versatile and multi function speciality product that can be used for a diverse range of solutions to enhance the quality of your pool surrounds, your pool equipment and your pool water.

  • AQUAGUARD C.S.M. keeps scale at bay by both ASSISTING IN THE REMOVAL of existing scale and INHIBITING the build up of scale from pool walls, equipment and pipes
  • AQUAGUARD C.S.M. will INHIBIT the build up of calcium and magnesium on the pool surface
  • AQUAGUARD C.S.M. will INHIBIT calcium from dropping out of solution
  • AQUAGUARD C.S.M.  will AID in removal of existing calcium and magnesium from walls of pool.
  • AQUAGUARD C.S.M. is perfect to use in pools that have just used LO-CHLOR’S STAIN & SCALE ATTACK PACK
  • AQUAGUARD C.S.M. will keep water pristine and sparkling by holding calcium in solution
  • AQUAGUARD C.S.M. acts as a Salt Chlorinator Cell Protector by INHIBITING the build up of scale on chlorinator cells keeping them soft and also minimising the likelihood that build up will occur in the first place.
  • A decrease in the production of chlorine gas and a reduction in the overall performance and efficiency of the pool equipment will be resultant if a hard build up of scale occurs.
  • AQUAGUARD C.S.M. acts as an extremely powerful sequestering agent meaning that its presence in the water will INHIBIT metal elements such as iron and copper from dropping out of solution.
  • The result of metals such as these dropping out of solution is that by doing so they can cause various coloured, unsightly staining on both the walls and floor of the pool.
  • Metal elements such as copper and iron, dropping out of solution can cause severe staining to the walls and floor of the pool.
  • Too much copper usually resulting in a purple stain or too much iron often results in grey or rust coloured stains.
  • AQUAGUARD C.S.M. is perfect for pools using bore water.
  • AQUAGUARD C.S.M. can also aid in the REMOVAL of metal staining to both the walls and floor of the pool.
  • In conjunction with one of the extensive range of LO-CHLOR STAIN REMOVERS the addition of AQUAGUARD C.S.M.  can assist in lifting the stain from the pool surface and back into the water to be filtered out.
  • AQUAGUARD C.S.M. will not add phosphate to the water

AQUAGUARD C.S.M. is easy to apply and need only be added to the pool once every 3 months for regular maintenance.

By regularly adding AQUAGUARD C.S.M. to the pool you will limit the chances of scale formation and staining.

  • Scale can appear in a variety of ways from rough, white deposits forming on the pool surface to salt crystallization forming on the salt cell.
  • The main causes of scale formation are high calcium levels and poor water balance.
  • This can occur not only around the pool water line, but also inside the pipes which can cause blockages and damage the pipes and attached equipment.
  • Cartridge filters can also become clogged and can destroy heaters and other attached equipment. Sometimes these can be repaired whereas in many situations a replacement is the only “costly” solution.

Add 500ML of AQUAGUARD C.S.M. to 50,000Litres of pool water to soften any build up that has formed. Do so with the pump and filter running so that AQUAGUARD C.S.M. can make its way through the filtration system of the pool and distribute evenly to make sure that all surfaces of the pool and equipment are covered.

Dose: 500ML every 3 months