Company Profile

Poolcorp Pty Limited is a new and innovative company which has been established to exclusively service the Professional Pool Shop Market. Poolcorp Pty Limited, is a subsidiary of M.I International Pty Ltd (trading as Lo-Chlor Chemicals), and consequently has the necessary infrastructure to fully support and supply Professional Pool Shops on a National Basis. This backing provides Poolcorp with extensive Pool & Spa chemical knowledge, outstanding training skills, exceptional retailing experience and the logistical capabilities to better service the Pool and Spa markets.

The passion and commitment of both the management and sales team together with their combined experience of over 200 years in the industry will ensure our customers remain at the forefront of the Pool Chemical market.

Lo-Chlor Chemicals has enjoyed consistent year on year sales growth since its inception. This growth can be attributed to the consistent supply of quality products, and the continual personal attention paid to its customers by its committed sales team.

It holds market leadership in specialty chemicals throughout many global markets and is seen as an innovator and leader in this specialised field. Technical expertise and intellectual know-how are resident with the experienced and skilled management and staff.

Products And Services

The Aquapro range of products consists of manufactured and merchandise products from around the world.

The pool chemical products consist of proven quality formulas. Supplementary buy-in products of specialist chemicals are sourced both locally and internationally to fulfil the demand to be a full line supplier. Our suppliers recognise the Aquapro name as being one of quality and value. Our established customer base is a solid foundation for introduction of product into the Australian marketplace.

Poolcorp Partnership Benefits

Our quality and line of supply is guaranteed.

Our guarantee to supply only the best quality products, our strict quality control measures and our commitment to punctual and reliable service will ensure our customers continuity of supply at a competitive price. Our technical expertise and intellectual knowhow are resident with our experienced staff, which will at all times share this knowledge with our customers, providing them with the opportunity to sell more products with more confidence.

Our packing is controlled, neat and clean.

Our packing is undertaken in house in a clean and safe environment. All our Dangerous Goods classified products are packaged and shipped in accordance with all Australian Standard and State regulations.

We hold commercial quantities of stock

Stocks of all of our lines are maintained in our warehouses and distribution depots. We are able to pack additional items where the demand is called for. We are not dependant on third party suppliers for the majority of our goods.


We utilise our own fleet of vehicles for localised deliveries and contract well respected transport companies to deliver on our behalf.

We are insured with product and public liability.

We have comprehensive insurance cover in the unlikely event of any product claim arising and have further public liability cover.

We are Australian owned and operated.

Poolcorp Pty Ltd is 100% Australian Owned and unlike the competition all products packed under the Aquapro brand are packed here in Australia. Australians own our shareholding and all financial gains remain in Australia.

We invest both finances and resources in technological betterment.

Our strategy of ongoing performance enhancement within our well-established product range and our commitment to new product development will ensure our customers remain at the forefront of the pool chemical range, and consequently the opportunity to offer their customers the best products available.

We are accountable.

The fact that we are not agents or re-packers of chemicals mean that our customers deal with the source and hence we are accountable for ensuring their customer satisfaction – no one else.


We have a fully computerised network of computers. We have our own website with all relevant information available thereon We further have full electronic data delivery capability.

Our system provides us full stock control and delivery monitoring capabilities. Based on historical data and the reports thereof we are able to forecast on a daily basis if need be, and hence are able to maintain sufficient minimum stock levels. Our production scheduling is adjusted daily according to demand, promotional programming and prevailing weather conditions.

Planogram Capabilities.

Poolcorp currently use a system of digital imaging to assist in store layouts.

Label Registration Authorisation.

All Poolcorp products are registered with the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority, thus ensuring product-labelling compliance.

Marketing & Promotional Support.

 We provide ongoing marketing and promotional support, including point-of-sale material.

Staff Training & Motivation.

We provide onsite training and seminars for all our customers. We also provide technical and consumer problem support.

WMS - Water Management Software

Poolcorp Pty Ltd offers a comprehensive pool water testing program written on current software.

The system includes comprehensive water analysis linked to a data base that can be utilised for marketing and lead generation purposes. The software has been designed to enable easy migration of existing databases from a number of the popular systems currently in the market.

The system is supported by in store training and an annual service and support assistance.

Poolcorp also offers a state of the art scanner that is designed to communicate with the Water Testing Program, performing the following tests:

• Total Chlorine • Total Bromine • Free Chlorine • pH • Total Alkalinity • Calcium Hardness • Stabiliser

Mode Of Operation

Orders may be placed either by email, phone or by facsimile. Orders will then be processed and executed within 48 (forty eight) hours or at the specific time requested. These hours refer to accepted 5-day week working hours. Minimum order quantities apply and will vary according to distances.